A press conference announcing the biggest Diwali event was held in the city today. For the first time, North India’s biggest Event Management and PR company Prinday in association with Creative Events (Australia), Awesome Entertainment and Malwa Club organized an event named Diwali Blast. The event has already commenced and it is a hit. These shows were held in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth on 23rd Sep, 24th Sep and 25th Sep respectively and the crowd was unbelievable. The last leg of the show is in Sydney, the capital city of Australia on 1st September.

The event has been organized for the leisure of the Indian diaspora residing in Australia. It aims to bring the homely feel during the time of the festival. Two of the biggest superstars of the Punjabi industry Jasmine Sandlas and Amrit Maan are the highlight of this event. People loved them in Bamb Jatt and they having been showering their love in all these shows.

The press conference was attended by Jasmine Sandlas, Amrit Maan, Prabhjot Mahant Managing Director of Prinday, Creative Director of Prinday Baljinder S Mahant and representatives from Creative Events.

The ‘Mooch’ hitmaker Amrit Maan said, “This is the beauty of music, it connects everyone in every corner of the world. Coming together of companies who are two worlds apart is also one of the most beautiful things in itself. I look forward to having full fun and entertain the people these four days.”

Vachari singer Jasmine Sandlas said, “I have done many shows abroad but this has got me excited like never before. It is also because I am working with a team that I have worked with many times in be it Prinday or Creative Events they are someone who I trust. I just want to provide my fans the unlimited fun and leave them a special memory.”

 Prabhjot Kaur Mahant, Managing Director of Prinday said, “This is our first venture abroad but we are only here to give people the best show they have ever seen. This show will surely be a success with the presence of Amrit Maan and Jasmine. We look forward to bring more shows like this on other parts of the world as well.”

 Baljinder Singh Mahant, Creative Director of Prinday said, “It is really a huge milestone for Prinday and it is just a beginning. We aim to provide people with the best entertainment there is and now our field has widened. People are showing so much love to these shows, it just pushes us to work harder and bring out even better shows.”