‘Heartbroken’ Roach Killa & Garry Sandhu ft Naseebo Lal

 Roach Killa has his new single ‘Heartbroken’ being released on the 22nd December 2016. The song features ‘Garry Sandhu and Naseebo Lal’ and is being released by the UK’s foremost Asian record company – Moviebox Records. Nassebo Lal being featured on the song is a MASSIVE bonus for the song and her fans, she expresses the female element of the song in a superb demonstration of vocals skills and sound.


The original working demo of the song was leaked onto you tube 18 months ago and without a video has been listened to over 1.5 million times… So now, for their huge fan base and beyond, that wait is over – finally, the fully completed song and video is about to be launched.

Roach recorded the song ‘Heartbroken’ with Garry Sandhu back in 2012, however due to the fact that Garry was deported back to India five years ago for over staying in the UK without a valid visa, the song was never released, so this effectively is also Garry’s first release in the UK since being deported back to India. Since arriving back in India 5 years ago Garry has become a very established business man, creating many self branded shops which sells unique fashion clothes designed by Garry. In fact he himself would say that it was one of the best things that could have happened to him as it transformed his life! been working and residing in Birmingham, England”.

Roach Killa is a multi talented Canadian Artist, with an originality of his own. Described as an all over musician, he produces, writes and composes unique music. From the bass line of Reggae rhythms, swinging R’n’B flows and bouncing Hip-Hop beats, he creates addictive combinations. His style attracts the wider audience, capturing global music lovers. “Originality is the key to Success”.

He developed a passion for urban & pop music and was inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Tu-pac. He mastered the art of Reggae vocals at an early age from a culture he fell in love with soon becoming a Reggae star in his own right. With this originality Roach Killa has collaborated with artists from within the international Reggae scene, the best Asian talent in the world and now offering himself to the international market place – “I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to work with much talent through which I have managed to establish a good awareness of my skills and respectable worldwide interest”.

Currently concentrating on launching his music and art to a wider audience here in the UK, back home in Cana-da and the WORLD!

“Love the life you live and live the life you love


Moviebox Presents
Heartbroken – The Official video
By Roach Killa, Garry Sandhu & Naseebo Lal
Music By Vee
Lyrics By Deepa Bandala
Video By Cineverse & Blitz