Desi And Desire by Amrit Matharu

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Amrit Matharu (Amaretto) a producer for the BBC Asian Network. Has recently released a book through Lambert Academic Publishing called “Desi & Desire” – the exploration of the British-Asian female in the works of Nisha Minhas. The Desi & Desire book breaks down the ideas behind the stereotypical Asian females in Britain. Amrit admires the likes of Babbu The Painter, Raja Kumari and HateCopy who are championing female creativity in the South Asian community out in The States and Canada.

Press Link To Purchase Desi And Desire Available on Amazon :

Desi And Desire available on Amazon

Amrit Matharu gave Punjab2000 a synopsis of her book:

“Growing up in a town with not a single Asian friend, I came to find myself dividing my identity between being British and Asian. It was only through discovering the stories and tales told by other British-Asian authors that I became to embrace being both British and Asian. Desi and Desire is an extended essay focussing on the study of how Nisha Minhas portrays the British-Asian woman’s identity in her collection of romance novels concerning the idea of cross-cultural relationships. Chapatti or Chips focuses on family traditions. Saris & Sins looks at challenging the stereotype of the timid Indian bride. Bindis & Brides challenges the way divorced Indian females are shunned in the Indian community. The Marriage Market explores how marriage is compared to the selling of females. Whilst, Tall, Dark and Handsome questions the ultimate British-Asian identity.”

Amrit did a photoshoot for her social media campaign #DesiAndDesire. The images below reflect chapters within Desi and Desire:

Chapatti or Chips, Saris and Sins, Bindis and Brides, The Marriage Market, Tall, Dark and Handsome

Photo Credit: Viran Solanki Photography

Photo Credit: Viran Solanki Photography

Photo Credit: Viran Solanki Photography

Check out Amrit Matharu’s “Bindis & Brides” and “Chapatti or Chips”  YouTube Video Below: