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Bhangra – a genre of music originating from the Panjab region of India – is the very essence of Panjab reflecting its rich, vibrant and dynamic culture.  Throughout the decades Bhangra has undergone many transformations: starting off as boliyan, then incorporating instruments such as the dhol, dholki, tabla, tumbi and vaja bringing, a vivid surge […]

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Today on International Women’s Day we pay tribute to Princess Sophia Jindan Alexandra Duleep Singh, 1876-1948. The granddaughter of  Maharaja Ranjit Singh (known as the Lion Of Punjab), the daughter of Maharaja Duleep Singh and the god daughter of Queen Victoria herself. Sofia was a fashion icon in high society and a favourite of the […]

Punjab2000 finally lockdown BADSHAH for a short interview at the BBC Asian Network Live event. Exclusive news BADSHAH says he has collaborated on a new track with Diljit Dosanjh and one other bollywood singer, he says details to be revealed soon…….

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  The power of Bhangra music is immense.  Throughout the decades its rich, vibrant, empowering energy has created waves around the world, captivating listeners across the globe.  The popularity of Bhangra is unquantifiable as there are a substantial amount of artists, listeners and fans who feel that it is an integral part of their lives.  However, […]

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Confidence rises in Mumbai, cascading throughout India and Asia for young Sardars… Yes there was a time that the Sardar figure became stereo typed and attached to jokes by certain aspects of media and publishing. This is a very recent depiction of the past decade or so but totally not in line with the true […]

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RESHAM SINGH ANMOL SET TO UNVEIL THE FIRST SINGLE OF HIS FORTHCOMING ALBUM SAROOR FT RAFTAAR  Speed Records presents, Resham Singh Anmols first single ‘Saroor’ from his forthcoming album Urban Desi set to release in 2017. Resham born and raised in Punjab, has had an over whelming year with back to back hits from Chete […]

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Upinder Randhawa catches up with Roshan Prince during his UK tour for an in depth interview including the state of the Punjabi music industry.

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  It’s a brand new rhythm and one that was born out of a chance encounter between an Indian singer from Spain and an underground DJ and producer from London. Razz (Rolling Rinsing) and K-Deep have created an exciting and refreshing sound which carefully and delicately blends traditional Punjabi vocals with a melodious reggae beat and […]

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Inderjit Nikku Started his journey in the Punjabi music industry in 1996 and completed his graduation at Govt Karamsar College in Rara Sahib. His first claim to fame was on Durdarshan from his song “satho jogi baneya nai Jana toon na kar reesan heer diyan” which was written by Raj Brar in 1996 the music given by […]

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Lakhwinder Wadali talks exclusively to Valraj about his musical journey.