BREAKING NEWS – Ankit Tiwari pulls out from Bollywood Showdown because of the promoters.

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There were rumours surfing on the internet recently about Ankit Tiwari pulling out of the Bollywood Showdown concert, these rumours have been confirmed with an official statement from Ankit Tiwari’s camp, It has been stated that the concert promoters have been unprofessional, unorganized and not providing the agreed funds towards Ankit and his team. Ankit Tiwari was quick to post an official statement on his Facebook to clarify the reasoning behind the decision to drop out from this event before anyone starts pointing fingers at Ankit.

After fans were left confused and shocked with the situation, it was further clarified by Ankit’s brother, Ankur Tiwari from Brotherhood Entertainment Pvt Ltd who spoke to the media in the UK and putting the truth out there for all the disappointed fans to read. ‘The problem is, if you are committing on something and you are not delivering, then how can I trust on you?’ Further Ankur said ‘I haven’t received my payment from Rana, entire payment before the show’. Ankur further went into details stating how disappointing it is for the promoters not to welcome and speak to the team prior to the show. ‘The surprise came when we were there in London for our own shows, and any of the managing team from Mr Rana and Bollywood Showdown haven’t come to meet us. That was really shocking. I am doing your show soon, it is in O2 London which is one of the biggest arenas, I mean you haven’t taken the pain to come and meet us beforehand. That was shocking for us. So my management suggested that if the situation is like that, then please do the payment and get the visa done. No initiative taken by Bollywood Showdown’.  

Just to add more unprofessional behaviour, the promoters continued to utilise the name and image of Ankit Tiwari to promote tickets despite the statements had already surfaced on the internet stating Ankit will NOT be performing. ‘Don’t promote Ankit Tiwari then, why are you promoting him? I saw they have tweeted about the biggest show in the UK, O2 arena, Ankit Tiwari and Atif Aslam. That was my point, they are continuously doing that to sell the tickets which is totally wrong. You are not paying me, I am okay with that. Not meeting and contacting me and not inviting Ankit, I am okay with that, but don’t promote Ankit Tiwari, you will spoil the image of Ankit Tiwari and make a fool out of the music lovers. This is why we have posted our status on Facebook and specifically posted the reason behind it’.

It is a real shame that such fine singers would have come together on a concert and perform their greatest hits, as both these singers are brilliant. ‘So really bad and unprofessional behaviour, we are not going to be involved in the show, artists like to perform, come on’. Fans are disappointed as many have splashed out money to see both these artists on stage but will only get to see 1 of them, some have already decided to boycott the event and claim a refund from their tickets.