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Freelance Journalist, Columnist, Blogger. Studying a Masters Degree in English at the University of Derby. Areas of interest: Panjab, Sikhi, Sikh History, Bhangra, Social/Political issues prevalent within the Panjabi community. Facebook: Anisha Kaur Johal Twitter: @AnishaJohal Instagram: @anishajohal

The Bhangra scene is constantly changing, developing and diversifying with the emergence of new artists who endeavour to bring something fresh, vibrant and captivating to listeners. With Bhangra being at its peak of diversity, there is so much choice for artistes to experiment with: old school, new school, rap, R&B, romance…the list is endless.  However, […]

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Ready for Vaisakhi? But…do we take the extra steps to learn what Vaisakhi stands for? Do we take time to understand the true meaning, value and essence of Vaisakhi? Do we know about the origins of Vaisakhi? On Thursday 13th April 2017, Sikh Youth UK, Guru Nanak Mission and BOSS (British Organisation of Sikh Students) […]

Bhangra – a genre of music originating from the Panjab region of India – is the very essence of Panjab reflecting its rich, vibrant and dynamic culture.  Throughout the decades Bhangra has undergone many transformations: starting off as boliyan, then incorporating instruments such as the dhol, dholki, tabla, tumbi and vaja bringing, a vivid surge […]

  Misused Trust – an innovative, inspiring, ideological film made by Sikh Youth UK – created a revolution.  The short film exposes the realities of sexual grooming, alcohol addiction, drug abuse and violence that occur within the Panjabi/Sikh community.  The film focuses on the story of a teenage female character who innocently gets caught in […]

  The highly anticipated Brit Asia World Music Awards (BAWMA) returned with a blast.  The event took place at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, showcasing the musical diversity present within the Asian community, not only in the UK but worldwide.   With many artists attending, performing and supporting the star-studded night, hosted by Sukhi Bart and […]

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A long-awaited factual film about the epic battle of Saragarhi has completed filming in India. “Saragarhi: The True Story” tells the story of how 21 Sikhs fought to the last man against 10,000 enemy tribesmen to defend a small frontier outpost in 1897. The battle was commemorated by the British at the time, with memorials […]

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  The power of Bhangra music is immense.  Throughout the decades its rich, vibrant, empowering energy has created waves around the world, captivating listeners across the globe.  The popularity of Bhangra is unquantifiable as there are a substantial amount of artists, listeners and fans who feel that it is an integral part of their lives.  However, […]