An Exclusive Interview with Girish Kumar Taurani

An Exclusive Interview with Girish Kumar Taurani

Girish co stars this film with Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan and Saarika which is directed by the talented choreographer and director Prabhu Deva who has directed blockbusters like Wanted and Rowdy Rathore.
He Talks about his upcoming film, his experience and journey up till now and much more in this exclusive interview with Khushi Qazi from





Did you always wanted to be an actor?

Yeah. I always tell people that I wanted to be an actor since I was born.


What kind of childhood did you have being raised up in a Bollywood background?

It was pretty good. My parents were always into films and music from the beginning. I used to watch a lot of movies. There was constant influence of movies in our lives. So yeah. That is how I was influenced by Bollywood a lot. That had partly to do with why I wanted to be an actor.


Were you studious as a kid?

I don’t know what kind of stereotype it is with actors that we are not studious. I was not very good in studies when I was in India but when I went abroad, I really did start enjoying studies and started studying a lot more and did pretty well there.


 Did you struggle to enter Bollywood or was it easier for you being a son of a producer?

See, struggling is a very strong word. And I think people who generally live hand to mouth on daily basis face the true struggle. But it was hard, not an easy journey for me. I had my own share of hardships that I had to go through. I had to put in that kind of time and effort to live up to Pradhu Deva Sir and my father. So for me it was a steep plinth.


How was the experience working with Mr. Prabhu Deva? Was he strict as a director?

Yeah, he is very strict. Particularly towards me because he wanted me to remain grounded and wanted me to be like someone who is coming from outside the industry and wanted me to face hardships that way. And I think that worked really well in my favor because he got the best performances out of me and I had a really good time working with him.



Were you already a trained dancer or you started training when you signed Ramaiya Vastavaiya?

Girish Kumar : I was always training for dance, action and various other things at my acting classes. But When Prabhu Sir was signed for this film, he took my audition. He was impressed and told said that I do have the potential but to play the role of Ram in Ramaiya Vastavaiya, I have to become more spontaneous and open up more as a person. So for that he wanted to take dance classes while he was shooting for Rowdy Rathore. So for about eight months to a year, I was training with one of his colleagues in dance.


Tell us something about your character from Ramaiya Vastavaiya?

Well, my character’s name is Ram. And Ramaiya Vastavaiya actually means ‘Ram, will you come?’, something like ‘Ram when will you arrive?’. My character Ram is an NRI. He is a very extrovert sort of a guy. He is very jumpy. He is one of those people who gets everyone dancing to his tunes. He is the life of the party. At the same time, he is a very sincere and loyal kind of person. And when he gets in a relationship and falls in love with someone, he is very dedicated.


In your personal life, How similar are you to your character in the film?

I think, I am more simple and quiet. But my character is very jumpy and an extrovert. We might have some similar bits but I’m not much like my character in real life.


Ramaiya Vastavaiya is a romantic film. Are you romantic in real life as well?

Yeah, I think I am. I like to believe that I am (laughs). That is something I hope girls tell me in the future.


And are you single?

Yup. Yeah, I’m single. Technically, I’m dating myself. Its a very sad story (laughs).


Everyone is liking your chemistry with Shruti Hassan in the trailer and the songs. How was it working with her?

We are a very good team. I had a great time working with her. She was much grounded and very sweet. It was just a great experience overall. I enjoyed a lot.


 I’ve heard that you have done your own stunts in the movie. Is that true?

Yeah, I have. I really didn’t know that there was an option that someone else can do it. I think what happened was, the stunts were not really very risky. You see, its a romantic film, so the stunts were not really life threatening and there’s not a major action sequence in the movie as such. And we always had safety precautions taken care of ahead of time and lot of people were there to take care if anything got out of control.

You have done a surfing scene too in the movie?

Yes. We wanted to do something very unique as an introduction sequence for me considering I’m a newcomer and also we wanted some novelty in the film. For that reason we did that. So initially we were thinking of doing something on a bike or a car but that all seemed clichéd for us. Then somehow we came to this conclusion that we can do something with the surfboard.

And then Prabhu Sir asked me whether I can do that because it takes a while to get good at surfing. So I was like, lets give it a shot. If we can do it then we can do it. If not then we can always go back to the bikes and the cars. Then I went and did some training for about a month on and off while shooting in the middle. And by the time shooting came up for the surfing sequence, we nailed it.


Are you nervous as this is your first movie?

Yeah I am. I’m starting to panic now. That is normal I guess because the anxiety has built up to this level now. I was actually really okay till yesterday but then I saw my film. And after that I was like okay, now I’ve completely lost it. So yeah, I’m very nervous.


And the music of Ramaiya Vastavaiya has done exceptionally well. Which is your favorite song from the film?

The question is quite unfair (laughs). It’s like asking me which is my favorite finger or asking someone who their favorite child is. I think all the songs are equally closer to my heart. I really like the whole album.


Are you competitive? Do you want to be better than others or it doesn’t matter to you?

 I don’t look at others really in terms of how I should perform. I look at myself. I try to better myself every time. I don’t compare myself to others.


Do you think Ramaiya Vastavaiya will touch the hearts of the audience?

 I hope so. I mean, we’ve worked really hard in this film and made a very entertaining and family film. We’re just hoping for the best. We hope it touches the hearts of the audience.


What do you like to do other than acting? Would you like to take up direction?

I think I’ve just become an actor now so direction and everything else will take a back seat for now. I want to enjoy what I am doing right now. Other than that I love gaming, hanging out with friends, photography, I love astronomy and cosmology and things like that.


Have you started getting used to the fans and stardom?

I have not really thought about it. I’ve just started getting used to give autographs and take pictures with people as an actor. But Stardom is something people give you out of love. So not really.


 Who are your favorite actors from Bollywood?

In Bollywood, its Salman Khan and Hritikh Roshan.


 Have you met them?

Yes, I have. But It was a Hi Hello thing rather than a long chat. So yeah, I have met them.


What genre of movies do you like watching?

 I don’t have a specific genre. I love all kind of movies. I just really enjoy watching movies of all genre. I mean, I watch Game of Thrones and at the same time I could watch movie like Legally Blonde. I could watch the whole section, really (laughs). As long as the movie is entertaining, I watch all genres.


What are your plans after Ramaiya Vastavaiya?

In Sha Allah, If everything goes well then I would like to do more films and entertain audience.


Thank you so much Girish for the interview. Wish you the very best for your upcoming movie.

My pleasure. Thanks a lot.


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