After The Success of ‘Celebrate’, Mr Bolly Brings Out The New Single ‘Victory’


Victory is the latest single from the BTB Music camp, as they ride on the success of their previous single titled Celebrate. Mr. Bolly has been presenting new music with meaningful and attractive lyrics. The team behind this new single alongside with Mr. Bolly is Lea Longo, produced by Sorin Pavelesco for BTB Music. The song has some very well penned lyrics and that helps nurture this song as a special anthem. This song has been selected as the official anthem of and this is just another step up the ladder for Mike Kapoor who really is taking huge strides towards the top by putting out praiseworthy tracks that is being appreciated by many. The star from Montreal continues to deliver the music and we hope that it continues further.

You can hear the latest single on Soundcloud.


Check  out the video teaser for ‘Victory’.